** After an amazing pilot launch in 2017, Midland University MBA program and PMI Heartland Chapter have decided to continue partnering for the mentor aspect of the MBA program’s capstone experience.  **

Mentoring Partnership:

From mid-Oct to mid-Dec (9 weeks), PMI Heartland partners with Midland University’s Hybrid MBA faculty to mentor students enrolled in the BUS 672 “Global Business & Consulting Capstone” Course.

Course Description:

BUS 672 Global Business & Consulting Capstone

Business today is more globally connected than ever before.  Even when a firm’s customer base is primarily or entirely domestic, business operations are almost always connected to or impacted by a global supply chain.  This course will take a three-pronged approach to global business competency.  First, we will seek to deepen students’ understanding of macroeconomic theory that is, in essence, without borders.  Here, we will examine measures and determinants of a nation’s wealth and growth, and the impact different policy approaches have on issues like inflation and unemployment.  Second, several case studies will be used to highlight the vital role that formal and informal institutions play in facilitating commerce by reducing the uncertainties and risks that discourage trade and investment.  Third, we will address strategies for doing business globally, whether the firm’s target market is at home or abroad.  Students will have the option to experience global business operations first hand during a two-week consulting project as part of this course.

Mentor Expectations:

Help guide the students through the above experiences ensuring that the experience with the client and the end deliverable is of at least a minimum reasonable level of quality.  While all students come into this capstone program at the tail end of the MBA program, they have an extremely wide ranging background.  With this wide ranging background in mind, the level of type of assistance needed from the mentor can vary.  Below is a general list of responsibilities for the mentor:  

  • Assist the team with preparation for kick-off meeting
  • Attend kick-off meeting with the team at the client location
  • Help to recap the kick off meeting
  • Assist the team with understanding the need for clear take-aways and next steps
  • Listen in and coach during client check in calls
  • Provide feedback on client interactions
  • Mentor the team throughout the process to ensure they stay on schedule and are working toward an acceptable deliverable
  • Assist the team in final read out delivery, providing feedback on practice runs of the read out
  • Attend several of the online and in-class sessions as well as team project meetings to help coach the team
  • Assist program leadership with final grading component

Mentors are generally assigned two student teams.

Please note, this list is not all-inclusive, it is meant to provide a framework for general expectations.

Time Considerations:

Role requirements may vary greatly from team-to-team.  The expectation is to do whatever it takes, within reason, to accomplish a reasonable delivery.  Below is an estimate of expected time requirements:

Week 1 (10/15-10/21):  2-4 hours

Week 2 (10/22-10/28):  3-5 hours (kick off week at host companies)

Week 3 (10/29-11/4):    2-4 hours

Week 4 (11/5-11/11):    2-4 hours

Week 5 (11/12-11/18):  4-6 hours

Week 6 (11/19-11/25):  4-9 hours

Week 7 (11/26-12/2):   5-8 hours

Week 8 (12/3-12/9):   6-12 hours (final presentation to peers at Midland campus and grading on Sunday)

Week 9 (12/10-12/16):  2-3 hours (final presentation week at host companies)

Result: 30-60 hours is a reasonable estimate.  Again, this role is not an hourly position, it is based entirely on needs of each team.  Please count on spending at least a minimum of 30 hours with additional hours available in the event they are required.

Several standard work hour commitments are required – the initial kick off and the final read out.  Most of the remaining time will be on evenings and over weekends.  Occasional check-in calls do occur during the traditional business day.


  • All Capstone Mentors must be active PMI Heartland Chapter members
  • All Capstone Mentors must hold a valid Master’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Preference given to candidates with (any of): PMP, PMI-ACP, CSP, CSM
  • Five years of related PM experience
  • Ability to coach and motivate
  • Strong desire to work in the educational and/or consulting space

Employment Notables:

  • This is a formal W-2 salaried contract position with Midland University
  • Employment contract is made directly between Midland University and the Capstone Mentor, PMI Heartland Chapter has no direct ties to any contracts
  • Capstone mentors will report to Andrew Sherwood-Director of MBA 
  • Capstone mentors will be considered at-will employees
  • Total compensation for all consideration: $2,000

Additional Information:

It is important to point out that the PMI Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Mentoring Program is a volunteer networking opportunity.  The PMI Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter provides no guarantee regarding the development or career growth of participants. The chapter provides only a framework, an opportunity for participants who hope to be enhanced by this program, but the results are the responsibility of, and are completely determined by, the participating mentors and mentees.