Workshop: Better Together! Collaboration between Project Managers and Business Analysts in Agile and Waterfall Projects July 19th, 2018

Dont-Miss-this-one-M319404Better Together!  Collaboration between Project Managers and Business Analysts

Within Agile and Waterfall Projects

Two roles with the same goal – provide a high quality deliverable/product


This hands-on workshop will offer a collaborative learning environment in which Project Managers and Business Analysts will work together and gain a deeper understanding of their counterpart’s perspective, priorities and concerns.    This event is unique as we have two facilitators– one PM and one BA from UNO’s Nebraska Business Development Center – who will work together to educate our valuable participants.

Workshop: Thursday July 19th  9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Location: TD Ameritrade Corporate Head Quarters - 200 S. 108th Ave, Omaha 68154

Cost $ 150.00 (Includes Refreshments Morning & Afternoon as well as Lunch)

Workshop products to be produced/provided by NBDC


  • Gain a deeper understanding/appreciation of how PMs and BAs can align their efforts to benefit the organization.
  • Be a training facilitator for your company – learn a series of practical, hands-on activities that you can take back and teach to your organization
  • Networking (to include contact with professional facilitators from NBDC who can support future organization training events)


Presented by:


Facilitated by:


 Beth Giesbrecht & Michael Perdunn - Leaders in Project Management & Business Analyst Education

When the Business Analysts and Project Managers are in synch, the business analyst has no trouble representing the project manager’s view to the customer and the project manager has a clear view of the product that will solve the customer’s problem.  They have the same partnership as the pilot and navigator:  the business analyst provides the destination and the project manager drives the project.



Facilitator Bios:


BETH GIESBRECHT, BS, PMP, COI, CPP, Lean Certification

Giesbrecht has more than 30 years of curriculum development, consulting, and computer technology expertise with a special emphasis in project management and databases. Beth excels at instructional design, involving students through simulations, and customizing training to fit customer needs. She has successfully directed companies through various phases of the project management process.













Michael Perdunn is a project manager, speaker, and consultant. He has a Master’s degree in Communication and brings over 15 years of experience managing projects in various sectors. Currently, he is consulting helping companies transform their cybersecurity effectiveness. He is also an instructor in Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. In 2011 he was named as a finalist for the Ten Outstanding Young Omahans award.