Mentoring is a process in which successful individuals go out of their way to help others establish goals and develop the skills to reach them, providing guidance, friendship, and mutual respect.  The goal of the PMI Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Mentoring Program is to provide a framework that will align chapter members with one another in a supportive mentor/mentee relationship where they will have the opportunity to increase knowledge, effectiveness, and skills through collaboration, contributing to the growth of both individual participants and of the profession as a whole.


  • Duration & Frequency: mutually-determined by the mentor-mentee
  • Focus: anything within the professional discipline of project management  
  • Cost: just your time and energy


An individual with extensive project management experience and knowledge who is eager to share it...a trusted friend, counselor or teacher.

  • Improve personal well-being
  • Personal growth
  • Network access
  • PDUs
  • Expectations
    • Share skills, knowledge and experience
    • Demonstrate a positive attitude and act as a role model
    • Value ongoing learning and growth in the field
    • Provide guidance and constructive feedback
    • Value the opinion and initiatives of others
    • Promote networking through awareness of local talent
    • Maintain the utmost integrity and commit to complete confidentiality


An individual interested in learning more about one or more aspects of project management...driven to grow within the field.

  • Personal growth
  • Relationships
  • PDUs
  • Expectations
    • Define professional goals and have a clear understanding of desired outcomes
    • Be actively engaged - the Mentoree drives the program by defining the area he/she would like to "discover" or explore further with his/her Mentor
    • Be open to feedback and coaching
    • Act upon new discoveries and learnings
    • Maintain the utmost integrity and commit to complete confidentiality

PMIH Mentor Program Documents

To participate in the PMI Heartland Nebraska / IowaMentoring Program, please review the Mentoring Program Guidelines and submit the appropriate application.  Please email our Director of Mentoring with any questions and to submit your application.


It is important to point out that the PMI Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Mentoring Program is a volunteer networking opportunity.  The PMI Heartland Nebraska / Iowa Chapter provides no guarantee regarding the development or career growth of participants. The chapter provides only a framework, an opportunity for participants who hope to be enhanced by this program, but the results are the responsibility of, and are completely determined by, the participating mentors and mentees.

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