How to Join

Our Chapter

To join our chapter, you must first join the Project Management Institute.  You may join the Heartland (NE) Chapter when you join PMI or you may add the Chapter to your membership at any time.

There are many benefits of membership including the option to join our chapter or one of the many other chapters around the world.

More Information About Us

Here are step by step instructions on joining PMI and/or adding our chapter to your membership:

Join the Project Management Institute and the Heartland (NE) Chapter

  1. Go to the PMI Membership Overview page
  2. Click on Join PMI or Renew Today
  3. Click on Join or Renew Now
  4. Click on type of PMI Membership you wish (Individual, Student, Retiree)
  5. Click on Add to Cart
  6. Click on Chapters and follow the path to the Nebraska chapter list
  7. Click on Join Heartland (NE) Chapter
  8. Click Add to Cart
  9. Checkout and pay by credit card

Note: You may also call the PMI Customer Care line at (610) 356-4600 Option 8 and the representative will instruct you on how to join and answer any questions you may have or you can email PMI Customer Care at:

Global PMI will process your application within a few days and your data will be added to our chapter database.

Add the Heartland (NE) Chapter to your PMI Membership

If you already are a member of PMI you may add our chapter to your membership for $30/$10 per year.

  1. Click on the Join or Renew Today Button
  2. Access the Member Login area of the PMI International website
  3. Log into the PMI Members Area using your PMI ID number and password
  4. Click on Browse our chapter listings
  5. Follow the path to the Nebraska chapter list
  6. Click on Join Heartland (NE) Chapter
  7. Click Add to Cart
  8. Checkout and pay by credit card