“May the Force be with YOU” – Empower people focusing on their strengths!

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Presentation: “May the Force be with YOU” – Empower people focusing on their strengths!

Speaker: Ioanna Petrochilou

When: March 23, 2023 (11AM - 12PM CST)

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Co-Author of the book "Skills vs Degree"

A book that emphasizes real-life stories, facts, and professional experiences based on the skills and degree. It brings a transformational shift in your perspective by understanding the importance of skills and degrees.

Ioanna Petrochilou is a creative and self-motivated professional with 30 years of work experience in the corporate field. She has extensive experience in leading, coaching, and training individuals within various organizations. Her expertise helped teams to excel in every aspect of project management's life cycle and to deliver successful projects. Ioanna is very passionate about her work and a lifelong learner. One of her degrees is a Masters in Project Management and Process Analysis with a specialization in Management Methodologies. While Project Management is one of her passions, Ioanna also focuses on the human element in everything she does. Her passion for people and leadership conduced to coaching and training individuals to be better prepared for potential road bumps and struggles in their professional or personal life. In a nutshell, Ioanna's passion for project management is coupled with her passion for people and their professional development. She believes that "As long as you trust yourself, you have the courage and determination in life, and you are willing to learn from your mistakes, you can hunt your dreams and achieve your goals." Ioanna's motto is, "Wear your passion, hunt your dreams, and dance to the rhythm of life." In her free time, Ioanna loves to write. She is an active member of several platforms and blogs, including Harvard Business Review. She enjoys walking in nature and cooking for family and friends.


Identifying and working with your employee’s strengths will help you motivate your team and optimize their performance. Understanding where and why they excel in certain tasks and building your team based on their unique talents, can help the entire organization, team and leaders to succeed for the long term. However, sometimes what we believe is a strength is the biggest weakness. Which is the difference, and how we can leverage from both of them.


Identify strengths in your team

As project managers, recognizing your staff’s unique strengths can lead to increased productivity, motivation, and less burnout. Assigning tasks based on their strengths set your team up for success and make them feel engaged in work that uses their skills.

Emprace your strengths fix your weaknesses

Which is the correct approach? Should we fix weaknesses or focus on Strengths? Can a strength turn into weakness and vice versa.

Project Management vs Project Leadership

Are you a Project Manager or a Project Leader? Do you know the difference?

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