April Webinar - Building Bridges: Teamwork in a Culturally Diverse Workforce

Power Skills
Webinar: Building Bridges: Teamwork in a Culturally Diverse Workforce
Date: April 27 at 11AM - 12PM
Presenter: Edelweiss Rothe Lukash

Presenter Bio:

From her start as a novice in retailing fresh out of college, to finishing her career as the Director of Merchandise for the Women’s Division, Edelweiss has more than 20 years of experience in the retail apparel, footwear, and home industry business at a full-line department store in Mexico City, one of the top retailers in Mexico. Edelweiss’ attention to detail, organizational capacity, teamwork, international business and branding experience improved the culture of her workplace and increased the prestige and profits of her employer. She developed the first university-level course in Mexico for visual merchandising after identifying a need for more highly trained employees in this field.

Her career presented opportunities to travel the world and work with multicultural teams which refined her expertise in international negotiation and enriched her understanding of other cultures. Edelweiss has visited and developed multicultural teams in Europe, Asia, Central American, and North America. She has traveled extensively throughout the world during her professional career, and this experience has provided her with a unique and broad perspective on international business, cultural communication and negotiation, cultures and languages.

Today, she facilitates the development of new brand identities and trains business leaders to integrate multicultural teams. Her approach focuses on a global perspective that is culturally inclusive, culturally sensitive, and universally appealing. She has volunteer with different non-profit organizations in the community, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Omaha Chamber, to help new business owners develop a business strategy and branding plan. She is an adjunct professor at MCC Metropolitan Community College. She is a member of the judging committee for the Omaha Fashion Fest, a Cross Cultural trainee at UNO, a consultant for new businesses, a family and child development coach.

As a certified Cross-Cultural trainee and Effective Paternity consultant, she is developing programs to serve the community in parental and child development. One of her new passions and mission with the community. Providing support and guidance for family integration and personal growth. Although born in Mexico, Edelweiss grew up with a strong German influence passed on by her father. Her love for swimming lead to an athletic scholarship at the University of Houston and placed her on the Mexican national swim team. While at the University of Houston she earned a BA in Consumer Science and Merchandising, and a BS in Psychology. Subsequently, she obtained her executive MBA from the University of Arizona and a Global Masters in International Business from Tulane University. In 2015, Edelweiss relocated to Omaha, Nebraska, to be closer to her family, and in 2016 she married her husband and welcomed her first baby.

Edelweiss is an aspiring bird watcher and is committed to community participation and volunteeris.


Webinar Objectives:
  • We will focus on what effective leadership is across cultures, as we explore different perceptions and behaviors to better understand the differences.
  • Understand how culture influences communication and business relationships;  and therefore by better understanding the difference.
  • The participants will learn skills to manage multicultural teams and build strong working relationships.


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Date: April 27th, 2023

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