Leadership - A View From the Top of a Column

Ways of Working
Presentation: Leadership - A View From the Top of a Column
Speaker: Steve Doyle
When: July 20, 2023 (11AM - 12PM CST)
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Speaker Bio:


After a 25-year career in business, reaching the role of Chief Commercial Officer of a global financial services firm, Steve could, after working for both his worst and best boss combined, fight his entrepreneurial urge no longer, leaving the corporate world to start his second of what is now approaching ten businesses or interests.
As a leader, recruiter and manager of staff at all levels Steve has, through a combination of inspiration, motivation, challenge and the Powering Your Potential (PYP) methodology, helped people expand their horizons, develop their careers and achieve their goals. 
As the Founder of PYP Steve is focused on one thing, people. How they communicate, come across, are viewed by others and the development they are looking to achieve to realise their potential and, as importantly, the development of others. When working with corporates Steve is still focused on the alignment and development of the people, leadership, management and staff to realise the overall business strategy.
By understanding what drives people’s behaviours and actions, what determines their decision making, you gain an understanding that people are remarkably similar, once you get below the surface.
PYP delivers personal branding, communication skills,  personal development, team, leadership and management programmes and training.

Session Description:
The Three Lessons on leadership should be pretty simple as they are at the heart of the PYP Model. When it comes to leadership:
Why are people not hearing your message?
What do you want people to think of you?
How broad of the world do you have?

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It is no longer possible to register for this event


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