Oct 6, 2020

Oct 12, 2020

Oct 19, 2020

Oct 26, 2020

Project High Notes - Alan Mallory

Alan's engaging keynote focuses on the external, internal, and interpersonal factors that connect project teams and allow them to effectively function. Through psychology-based evidence and examples, Alan explores the concepts that project managers need to understand in order to enhance project cohesion. Integrated into this program are live electric violin segments to help illustrate the points Alan is making. This also creates a very upbeat, engaging, and entertaining environment for learning. What are the personality traits of project managers and the methods employed to build trust and to empowering team members? The focus of “Project High Notes” consists of project introspection, project interaction, and project integration.

Strategic Planning in Higher Education: From orientation to completion in midst of pandemics - Jen Sjuts & Susan Saeed

Strong leadership and agile organizations create valuable strategies and competencies that guide and motivate employees and other stakeholders, especially in extreme contexts. Metropolitan Community College (MCC) was the first post-secondary institution in the state of Nebraska to assist students amid pandemics. Jen and Susan’s keynote present MCC’s agile and dynamic response to COVID-19, including the sense of urgency, student-centric communication strategies, goal-oriented advisory, interventions, consistency in operations, and peer-mentors models.

Agile Process Improvement in Manufacturing Industry: ALFRA Global - Mihai Cristea & Gustavo Valera

LEAN methodology, efficient management techniques, and successful leadership styles were employed worldwide during pandemics. Gemba's leadership style and mindset are shaping the organizational culture and contributes to developing and retaining valuable human capital, especially in crisis times. The integration of all LEAN growth practices in daily business operations conduces to organizational success. Mihai and Gustavo’s keynote focuses on leadership through LEAN, Gemba, and Kaizen. LEAN transformations depend on the quality of employees, managerial decisions, and resistance to change. LEAN is a key factor of success, especially in the manufacturing industry.

Supply Chain Economy: Updates and Forecast - Dr. Ernie Goss

The state of the economy is influenced by macro-factors such as employment and inflation that impact economic confidence. Creighton’s survey of supply chain managers operating in nine Mid-American States reveals the dynamics of the state of the economy in the Midwest. Dr. Goss presents updates of Supply Chain Economics in the Midwestern region, including developments in the rural economy, economic trends, and forecasts.


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